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ASP .NET: New to C# ASP
From: Steve Harden 1/16/2013 4:27:13 PM
I am a student studying C# and ASP.
I would like advise from any of the more "experienced" folks regarding job or volunteer
opportunities so I can gain real world experience.

From: Mayuri Lahane 1/19/2019 1:37:42 AM
A simple definition of .Net what we have read in college time “.Net is a platform for building apps by using different technologies”. In this single sentence you can understand the deepness of .Net framework.

As well as you told that you are a .Net developer and you want to explore yourself in these technology then there are a lot of areas are open for you.

Web development (asp.net and ASP.Net MVC )
Windows application
Cloud computing (Azure)
Android Apps Development (VS 2015)
IOS apps development
RPA (Robotics Process Automation [create mini bots by C#, VB and Python in VS 2015 ])
Design your UI by using XAML.
As per your interest you can choose your areas to play with this platform and try to made best score. You can choose more that two and go ahead in your future with this platform.

ASP .NET: New to C# ASP


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