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Coders Cafe - Introduction to Azure with AKS - Jason van Brackel

2020-08-11 - 6:30 pm - Online

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Abstract: AKS or Azure Kubernetes service allows organizations to quickly realize the benefits of open source Kubernetes without the complexity and operational overhead of getting it up and running. In this presentation we will explore Kubernetes fundamentals and demonstrate standing up a Kubernetes Cluster with Microsoft's Azure Kubernetes Service.

Please register on meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/FlaDotNet/events/271254422/


Jason van Brackel is a Sr. Solutions Architect with Rancher Federal. Currently working with the DoD Platform One Team, he enjoys bringing the joy of DevOps to developers and operators alike. He is also the organizer of the Philadelphia Kubernetes Meetup and loves teaching at code camps, user groups and meetups.



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